Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back into the Blog

At last, I am able to access my blog!

I had gone on vacation for a week or so and had been getting errors since my return. Not that I have followers yet, but it still would be nice to keep up the frequency, especially now since I am starting out building a new entrepreneurial venture.

That's right folks, as of the beginning of April, I'm out on my own!

This blog will hence force serve as my journal of trials and tribulations, as I go through the process of discovery, while setting up my new business(es) with an eye to long term marketing strategy.

The first week was all about self discovery. It seems I'm suited to entrepreneurship after doing countless online quizzes. So off I went.

The last two weeks have all been about creating a business plan and conducting a feasibility study. So far, so good.

I've found tools like Facebook, LinkedIn and Skype to be invaluable resources.

The thing about starting up, as it leaves little time to write. Got to go figure out accounting systems as I wait for some final quotes.

More as things progress...

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